Thursday, 4 March 2010

One Small Step

TYSIC started today and although I've been busy learning lots of information about my exciting new temporary admin job, it's been the only thing occupying my mind.

Personally I'm over-the-moon with how many people are getting involved in this, so I can't imagine how thrilled Mark is. And despite everyone's challenges being ways for them to improve themselves, I can't help thinking the world will be a slightly jollier place.

Some people are planning to do something every day, every month or spread it out over 10 years but I've taken decided to work on my goals every week.

I'm going to get cracking on the ol' novel and weekly letter writing at the weekend, but today saw me overcome what I think is my toughest goal: Liking things I dislike (coupled with my other challenge of smiling more).

Whenever I've sat in a training room surrounded by 12 other people raring to go in their new jobs, I've always sulked in the corner awaiting the cringe-worthy ice breakers and team building exercises.

But not today. I walked into the waiting room with a smile on my face, introducing myself to everyone. Oh yes, I was the person I'd usually avoid on my first day of a new job. I may have annoyed people, but the type of individual who thrives in group sessions tend to have less wrinkles and quicker days.

As I sat down waiting for it all to kick-off, my closest friend from school turned up and joined the circle! I couldn't believe it. Last week I was expecting a long two days, but five minutes in I had a friendly face to keep me company.

Now, I'm not saying that TYSIC acted as some kind of divine intervention and sent me an angel to spend the day with, but, well, yeah, I guess I am. There can't be ANY other explanation. Can there? I thought positive thoughts and TYSIC delivered. Marvellous.

I have a few ambitious targets I want to send my letter to this week and am looking forward to completing some form of synopsis for my book. Both goals would have seemed out of reach yesterday, but with TYSIC watching over me I intend to think happy thoughts and hope for the best.

I hope all of your days have been productive and I'll see you in a bit.


Ben Carroll said...

hurrah for TYSIC angels!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I love this, largely because of the use of the word 'jollier' - that's not a word you hear every day...I may attempt to change that as part of my TYSIC! Hurrah indeed!

Carl Burkitt said...

Jollier, chipper and tip-of-the-cap are words I intend to bring back Victoria. You heard it here first!