Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Time to Step It Up

Whenever I've had a long gap between blog posts I've always gone against my politely English instincts that scream at me to apologise.

Blogs are such a self indulgent (of the good variety) practice already that, surely, apologising to your "readers" for not supplying them with your weekly opinions is a tad bit... I want to say 'up your own arse', but I'll settle for pretentious.

But today, and this particular blog, is a whole different kettle of fish. I've recently started a grown up job, moved away from home and basically tried to sort my life out. However, this has made me a lazy bum on the updating front on this, week 4 of TYSIC.

I've been reading nearly everything that has been posted and blogged, but just "haven't had the time to post anything myself". Immediately reading that back makes me feel ridiculous as people all around me in Watsonia (I MAY or may not have made that title up) have been able to keep up with it while caring after a new born baby, writing novels, creating beautifully crafted fan forums or performing gigs at the O2. So to you, I am sorry.

No more excuses.

I've slowly plodded along with my challenges. Naturally starting my new job has caused me to do a heck of a lot of smiling, genuine or not. But I do seriously believe that making yourself smile can lead you to feeling happy.

I have a 30 minute cycle to work and each day I've had a wet and windy journey. It would have been easy for me to have a face like a horse while getting pelted with frustrating droplets, but I kept on smiling. In no small part down to last week music find: Some may find it depressing, but it makes me grin.

And, in a convenient link to my next challenge, it has urged me to not be fussy, thus "trying to enjoy things I dislike". Ultimately it has just lead me to wretch over the sink ruing my old foes Coffee and Red Wine. But I'm trying.

I've continued to send my letters but there's a chance they may be reading this, so I shan't be giving away any names.(Ooh you can just feel that tension, can't you reader?)

Anyway, not much to report on the writing front, still plugging away working out who's who, what's what and where's where and hopefully soon I'll know where I want to take it.

Cheers for reading, I hope you're all well, and good luck for your tasks!

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